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Frequently Asked Questions


Question Answer
What is the new login process for VCSS? VCSS now uses Login.gov as a two factor authentication process to aide in providing cybersecurity for GSA's client Users. Instead of receiving the VCSS page asking you to enter your VCSS UserID and password, you will be redirected to the Login.gov site. There you will be required to enter your Login.gov credentials. After Login.gov validates your credentials for VCSS, you will be redirected back to VCSS to continue as you normally would.
How do I create the Login.gov account? To create a Login.gov account, click here and follow the steps outlined on their website.
What if I already have a Login.gov account? How can I add my VCSS access to it? Login.gov requires Users to have only one Login.gov account to maintain all User associated email addresses. To add an additional email address for VCSS to your existing Login.gov account, click here and follow the Part 1 instructions.
Why can't I use my existing VCSS credentials to log in? GSA has changed the VCSS authentication process to improve security and streamline access. Your Login.gov credentials have replaced your VCSS credentials for VCSS access, thus nullifying them. If you do not have one, you will need to create one in order to continue access to VCSS.
I tried to set up my new Login.gov account, but I am having issues with how Login.gov needs to "authenticate" me. What can I do to complete my Login.gov account? Since this issue type directly concerns your Login.gov profile and not VCSS, please refer to Login.gov's site by clicking here for troubleshooting. If the instructions on this link do not resolve your issue, you can submit a ticket at here or call the Login.gov Help Desk at (844) 785-6446.
As user, I need to change my email address. What should I do? After the first time you sign in to VCSS using your Login.gov credentials, you will need to update both VCSS AND Login.gov individually with your new email address. For VCSS, submit the Support Request Update User Profile located here on the VCSS Registration website. For Login.gov, you will go here to update the email addresses linked to your Login.gov profile. REMEMBER: the emails in VCSS and Login.gov must match to enable your access to VCSS.
Our company has multiple staff using the same email (e.g. receivables@agency.com) for ease of access. How will this work now? Login.gov does not allow the same email address to be used for more than one person. The first time you log into VCSS using Login.gov, you will be prompted to choose the VCSS email you want linked on your Login.gov account. Once linked, that email address cannot be used by anyone else. This means you will be responsible for authenticating that email address each time it is used since that email is linked to ONLY you.
I need to deactivate my VCSS account since I no longer need access to VCSS. How do I do that now if it's linked to my Login.gov account? Submit the Support Request Remove Account Code from User Profile located here on the VCSS Registration website. Once your VCSS access has been deactivated, the email that was associated to your VCSS access will no longer be validated by Login.gov regardless of whether that email is on your Login.gov profile or not. This is because you may still need that same email address for other websites to authenticate if those websites use Login.gov (e.g. USAJobs, SAM, your FSA account, etc.).


Question Answer
How do I update my contact information in VCSS? Return to the Home page of this website, enter the Support Request section, and choose the Topic Update User Profile. Identify your User Type and the item(s) to be updated. The Support Request will determine the fields for you to complete and submit.
How do I register my account in VCSS? Click the Registrations & Access Requests button on the homepage of the VCSS website. Click to indicate if you are a customer or vendor, and complete the Registration Request.
How do I request access to an existing account in VCSS? Click the Registrations & Access Requests button on the homepage of the VCSS website. Click to indicate if you are a customer or vendor, and complete the Registration Request.
As a GSA employee how do I request access to VCSS? VCSS User ID Request Form (Word Doc) This form currently resides on the Corporate IT Services site that is moving to InSite on an unknown current future date by the OCFO - Data Delivery & Management Division staff so the link will be changed.
Who should I contact if I am unable to login to VCSS, after registering my account in VCSS and creating an account in Login.gov? If you receive an error when entering your Login.gov ID & password on the Login.gov site, please verify you are using the same email associated with your previous VCSS ID and try again. The initial Login.gov email must match your previous VCSS email for VCSS to validate the initial login to access VCSS. If you still receive an error at the Login.gov site, please refer to this link for troubleshooting or contact their Help Desk at (844) 875-6446 . If you are able to access VCSS but are having difficulty with accessing your account data while in VCSS, please contact Business Applications Service Desk at 1-866-450-6588 or Email at businessapps@gsa.gov.
I have not received any information regarding my new registration or access request. Who should I contact? You can request a status of your submission using the chatbot VIVA with your Confirmation Code you received in your VCSS Submission email. From the home page, select VIVA from the tab towards the top of the page and choose Check User Registration Status. Follow the prompts.


Question Answer
How do I find my Account Administrator? This information is stated on your Access Request Confirmation email you receive after your submission. It is also identified in the User Information (Step 2) when requesting access through the VCSS Registration website. Once the desired account code has been requested, selected and added to the Access Requests list on the initial New Requests page (Step 1), select [Continue] to move to the User Information page (Step 2). On this page the account code and associated Administrator will be referenced. Exit the website if you do not need to register the account code. Additional questions can be emailed to vcss.registration@gsa.gov
My Account Administrator is no longer working in this organization. How do I change the administrator? Complete the appropriate Change Account Administrator form located here.
I am an Account Administrator but I am leaving my current position. How can I provide a replacement for me? The Account Administrator can be proactively updated to reflect your replacement if one has been designated prior to your departure. From the homepage of the VCSS website, your successor can click on the Support Request section and select the Topic Replace & Remove Account Administrator. After the required fields are completed and submitted, they will be notified via email when the update is complete.
How can I determine who the active users are on my VCSS account? After signing into VCSS, go to the following location: Accounts > Account Search > Address Information > Users tab. Users shown associated with a True status in the Active column are currently able to access this account. Those Users with a status of False have had their access removed from this account.
How can I remove or delete my own VCSS access? To remove specific VCSS account or accounts but keep your VCSS User Profile open, complete the Support Request Topic form Remove Account Code from User Profile located here. To delete your VCSS account or accounts altogether, complete the Support Request Topic form Deactivate User located here using the 'I am a: User' toggle option.
As the Account Administrator, how can I remove someone’s access to my account if they have left my agency? Complete the Support Request Topic form Deactivate User selecting the ‘I am a: Account Administrator’ toggle option located here.


Question Answer
How do I pull our statements out of VCSS? View and Print Statements (Word Doc)
How do I view a summary of all statements for my account in VCSS? View and Print CSV Details (Word Doc)
How do I download the CSV details my Statements? CSV Download Instructions
How do I update my Mailing Address that is on my statement? If you know your GSA Billings accounting clerk, send email directly to her/him updating the mailing address. If contact is unknown, send email to kc-accts-receivable.finance@gsa.gov to provide the updated mailing address.


Question Point of Contact (Group) Email Answer
What is my Customer # and Access Code to access the applications on the GSA Drive-Thru website? gsadrivethruhelp@gsa.gov
What do the Sales Codes stand for on my statement? Fleet Sales Codes
I have questions about details on my fleet bill? GSA Drive Thru
I have a question regarding my RWA IPAC Bill who do I need to contact? (IPAC Bills Start with "W") IPACBilling@gsa.gov
I have a question regarding my RWA NON-IPAC Bill who do I need to contact? (NON-IPAC Bills Start with "X") FW-Billing.Finance@gsa.gov
Information related to Speedpay and Mileage Express Users Change Line of Accounting and Document Number before entering month-end mileage.
Chargebacks due to inaccurate LOA information will not be accepted.
It is imperative that all customers using SpeedPay change their Line of Accounting (LOA) and Document Number effective on or after October 1, BEFORE mileages are entered in October. Do not enter any month-end mileages until after October 15. There will need to be a coordination of efforts between the individuals who input mileages into Mileage Express and the budget personnel who are responsible for entering the LOA into SpeedPay to ensure that the LOA is changed BEFORE mileages are reported.
Chargebacks due to inaccurate LOA information inSpeedPay after October 1 will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact your Fleet Service Representative or Fleet Management Center.
How many search results VCSS will display on its web pages? VCSS will only display 999 search results on its web pages.
If you need to download your statement transactions to a CSV file and the statement contains more than 999 rows, you must use the Statement>View Details query. If you use the Statement>View Details search and there are more than 999 rows, you will see a warning message saying, "SE0126W The number of results returned by your query is equal to or greater than the configured maximum result limit of '999'. The system will display records up to that limit." This warning message applies only to the web page. It does not apply to the CSV download.


Question Point of Contact (Group) Email Answer
Who can I contact with questions regarding the charges of my bill? GSA Drive Thru
Who can I contact if I am unable to input an invoice? kc-acctspayable.vcss@gsa.gov
Who do I talk to regarding my Short Term Rental (A8 Sales Code)? gsa_rental@gsa.gov
Who do I talk to regarding my Fleet Service Gas card (Citibank Wright Express Fleet Credit Card)? replacementcards@gsa.gov
How do I find my Fleet Service Representative? gsadrivethruhelp@gsa.gov
Who do I contact regarding the outstanding amounts on my account? kc-accts-receivable.finance@gsa.gov
How do I update the contact information for my BOAC? arvendorrequest@gsa.gov Vendor Customer Request Form
How do I update the contact information for my non-rent ALC? arvendorrequest@gsa.gov Vendor Customer Request Form
How do I update the contact information for my RENT ALC? arvendorrequest@gsa.gov Vendor Customer Request Form
How do I deactivate an inactive Vendor Code? arvendorrequest@gsa.gov Vendor Customer Request Form


Question Point of Contact (Group) Email Answer
Why is my monthly billing statement missing vehicle tag #'s? kc-accts-receivable.finance@gsa.gov
How can I pay my fleet bill? kc-accts-receivable.finance@gsa.gov
I have received a delinquency notice for a statement that I have already paid. First, double check the payment status in VCSS. IF it is still showing outstanding, contact KC-Accts-Reveivable.Finance@gsa.gov


Question Answer
What are the supported browsers? VCSS is compatible with the following browsers: Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.


Question Answer
Is there a way to submit bulk access requests for a large number of accounts without having to enter each request individually through the website? All requests for more than 25 VCSS accounts requests at one time can be submitted through the VCSS Registration website IF the account code includes the associated ALC. Instructions for determining this and how to proceed with your request are found here. If a request is needed for more than 25 accounts that do not include the associated ALC, you must contact the VCSS Registration Desk with your request at vcss.registration@gsa.gov.


Question Answer
How do I move my navigation bar on VCSS from its default position to the top? The default view for the navigation pane for a new user is 'side navigation'. Please follow the below steps to change the side navigation bar to the top.
1. Log into VCSS.
2. If the navigation bar is on the side of page, select the drop down arrow on the top right of the page.
3. Navigate to the 'Setting' page.
4. In 'Menu' section deselect checkbox for Side Navigation.
5. Select 'Save'. 6. Navigation bar is now on the top of the screen.


Question Answer
What is a UEI? UEI is an unique number (Unique Entity Identifier) created by SAM.gov required on orders with GSA
How can existing vendors determine if they already have a UEI? How can I view my Unique Entity ID?
How do I request a UEI at Sam.gov? Quick Start Guide for Getting a Unique Entity ID


Question Answer
How do I find my order number? Follow one of the naming patterns below:
- 47HAA018P0211
To search, add GD to the beginning of the number:

- QP0024221
Do not add anything to this order number

Order number can be found on the GSA form 300, Order for Supplies and Services, fields 2 or 4
How to search for an order in VCSS? See Section 2.1 in Vendor User Guide
How to create a referenced invoice? See Section 3.1 in Vendor User Guide
Information needed to enter an invoice? 1. Invoice Number: Alphanumeric characters, all caps, no spaces, no special characters
2. Invoice Line Amount: Total amount of invoice
3. Attach invoice, optional


Question Answer
How can I remove my email address from the automated email notifications in VCSS? Please reach out to the administrator for assistance and/or the persons who listed you as the POC when entering the agreement in RETA.
How do I gain access to VCSS? See VCSS Guide
How do I obtain a copy of my bill? Please send an e-mail to FW-Billing.Finance@gsa.gov